Established in 1987, R.P. Brennan General Contractors & Construction Managers, Inc. has earned a solid reputation of consistently providing a superior level of service. In fact, many of our clients have worked with us on a repeat basis for years, in which they insist on our involvement early in the pre-construction process. This allows R.P. Brennan to proactively advocate for our clients early in the critical stages of a project, followed by thorough execution for the entirety of the project.

Experience and a “hands on” approach are two of R.P. Brennan’s strongest assets. We consistently provide Principle involvement for every project. With Principal participation, our clients projects run smoother due to a diligent, seamless decision making process. This allows us to provide our clients a big firm’s capabilities with a mid-sized firm’s response.

We are adept on the execution of projects in a wide scope of industries, ranging from hospitality to corporate interiors.  With any project, we believe actions speak louder than words and are consistently proud of our final results.


A good outcome on a project
requires extensive detailed
planning. At R.P. Brennan, our team works closely with the client, architect,  and consultants at the initiation of the project to plan ahead- from the initial phases of a job. With our internal processes, each step of a project is mapped ahead in
thorough detail.


With any project, there are numerous simultaneous tasks that require daily collaboration. Effective collaboration isn’t mere contact, but in a proactive
meeting of the minds. We assist in leadership of a complex team of consultants, sub-contractors, architects and more, planning each milestone and keeping each client informed along the way.


Anyone who has been involved with a construction project understands that flexibility is key to getting any job done. When faced with a challenge, we think outside the box and create quick solutions to meet the project requirements. Our team has a “can do” attitude, in which we consistently adjust to each client and their goals.